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Much like Super Bowl Sunday (and the Hangover Monday that follows), April 20 — or 4/20 — has become an unofficial holiday. Employees will call in sick and students will skip classes. It’s a national day of stoned joy resulting from the now-mainstream embrace of those three simple numbers: 4, 2, and 0. The date has been nearly ubiquitous in weed culture for the past 30-odd years. The term originated with a group of California potheads in the '70s and was popularized by the Grateful Dead once the bandmates caught a whiff of the super-duper-secret code and spread its use with every show thereafter. Considering the close relationship marijuana has enjoyed with music for the better part of the past half-century, it seems natural that a rock 'n' roll jam band became the Johnny Appleseeds of planting 4/20 in the minds of the masses. Today, 4/20 is a public celebration that gets a sort of pass by even those not involved in the fun. Even if Miami can't be quite as public about its 4/20 love as a place like Denver, where recreational pot is perfectly legal, the Magic City still has plenty of weed-centric festivities planned next week. Though we recommend caution as to how aficionados spend the day — after all, Florida lawmakers are still dragging their feet in passing the medical marijuana legislation overwhelmingly approved by voters last November — here are some of the best events around town not to puff-puff-pass on
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